Submission guidelines & info

Peer review for academic research articles

The Oxford Feminist E-Press is committed to the highest standards of peer-review. Upon submission:

  • Your paper will first be assessed for suitability by the editor(s)
  • If deemed suitable, the paper will be sent for double blind peer-review, by independent, anonymous expert referees.
  • OxFEP will endeavour to return the reviewers’ comments and recommendations to the author(s) within 8 – 10 weeks.

Based upon the reviewers’ comments, the editor(s) will then recommend the following:

  • Accept (no revisions)
  • Accept (minor revisions)
  • Revise and Resubmit
  • Decline

Preparing your paper

Please include a word count with your paper

For academic research articles submissions should be between 6,000-8,000 words; this limit does not include tables; figure captions; footnotes; endnotes; this limit includes references

Submission for the non-peer reviewed stream, such as work-in-progress, conference papers, positions papers and creative and innovative expressions do not have a minimum word limit. If you would like to submit work via this stream please contact the OxFEP front desk directly.

Papers should be prepared in and submitted in Microsoft Word

Font: Baskerville Old Face, 12 point, double-line spaced. Use margins of at least 2.5 cm (or 1 inch).

Title: Use bold for your article title, with an initial capital letter for any proper nouns.

Abstract: Indicate the abstract paragraph with a heading or by reducing the font size.

Keywords: Please provide five or six keywords to help readers find your article.

Headings: Please indicate the level of the section headings in your article:
1. First-level headings (e.g. Introduction, Conclusion) should be in bold, with an initial capital letter for any proper nouns.
2. Second-level headings should have an initial capital letter for any proper nouns.

Quotations: Please use single quotation marks, except where ‘a quotation is “within” a quotation’. Please note that long quotations should be indented without quotation marks.

Tables and figures: Indicate in the text where the tables and figures should appear, for example by inserting [Table 1 near here]. The actual tables should be supplied either at the end of the text or in a separate file. Ensure you have permission to use any tables or figures you are reproducing from another source.

Page Numbers: Please include page numbers in the bottom right hand corner of the paper.

References: IGS Feminist E-Press uses the Chicago Author-Date System.  Please use first name initials rather than full names of authors referenced at the end of the paper. For example:
Surname, First Initial. Second Initial. Date. Title. Place of Publication: Publisher

Please use the heading ‘References’ for the bibliography at the end of the paper.

Using third-party material in your paper

You must obtain the necessary permission to reuse third-party material in your article before submission. The use of short extracts of text (of up to 500 words) and some other types of material is usually permitted, on a limited basis, for the purposes of criticism and review without securing formal permission. If you wish to include any material in your paper for which you do not hold copyright, and which is not covered by this informal agreement, you will need to obtain written permission from the copyright owner prior to submission.

Submitting your paper

Please include all authors’ full names, affiliations, postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses on a title page. Where available, please also include social media handles (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn). One author will need to be identified as the corresponding author. Authors’ affiliations are the affiliations where the research was conducted.

Please submit two copies of your article. One article will need to have all your author details included, and one will need to be anonymised (please ensure that both versions have the title at the top). For the anonymous version, you will need to replace any information that would identify you or your co-author(s) with [author(s)].

Please submit your article to the OxFEP front desk at 

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