EFAP memory archive workroom 4

‘Both A Borrower And A Lender Be: Ethnography, Oral History, and Grounded Theory’

Whether we move backward in time or outward over group boundaries, we can find striking cultural differences. All researchers keenly aware of such differences feel a tension between sensitivity and rigor-between intuitive insights into local meanings and systematic gathering of reliable data. In attempting to explore a generation of rural development in Thailand, we felt this tension but sought the advantages of both sensitive insights and rigorous methods. We thus combined ethnography and oral history, and we borrowed two approaches from qualitative sociology: grounded theory as an intellectual guide and focus group interviews as a versatile technique…

Click here to read the full Oral History Review article by Fern Ingersoll and Jasper Ingersoll: EFAP memory archive workroom 4 – Ethnography, Oral history, and Grounded Theory

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