CEDAW for Change

The “CEDAW For Change” Oxford Programme was a cornerstone for EFAP project in which women from around the globe came together online and then face-to-face to create a female ancestors mural at the University of Oxford.

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The “CEDAW For Change” Oxford Programme provided a platform for feminist activists and scholars to enhance their knowledge on the legal framework for the advancement of women’s rights in their country context but also created a safe space and opportunity to share HER story of our inspiring women. Throughout long years patriarchal system erased, hid or distorted stories of women who were and are fighting against oppression.

In the highlight of the approaching centenary of Suffragette movement as a clear indication of female resilience and determination for a social justice and acknowledging the importance of raising collective voices of woman change makers around the world, IGS in partnership with WHRI and WSF incorporated Female Ancestor Mural concept into the “CEDAW for Change” Oxford Programme. The concept was one of the ways to make stories of our female ancestors visible which have been swept away by patriarchy.

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As “CEDAW for Change” Oxford Programme brought together women activists, change agents, feminist scholars and academic activists around the globe and enabled the participation of over 30 women of various background, age and nationality representing more than 20 countries from 4 continents, it served as an excellent start point to launch our long-term Eurasian Female Ancestor Project (ENAP). With the support of OSF, at Lady Margaret Hall IGS hosted over 30 participants from India, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Germany, Canada, Kyrgyz Republic, England, Norway, Ghana, Nigeria, Argentina, Italy, South Africa, South Sudan, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Australia, Pakistan, Mexico, Iraq, Trinidad, Ecuador, Switzerland, Jamaica, Bangladesh, and more.

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The geographically dispersed representation also contributed to raise voices of women not only from Global North but also Global South whose stories usually remain under the shadow. The diversity of the background of women enriched the collective voice of women and made it louder, diverse and intersectional in terms of revealing their identity, sexuality, ethnicity, and culture.

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